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We are happy to announce that Knox Mountain now officially has 18, all new tee pads installed and ready to play! This has been a huge effort put forth in the last couple of months to make happen, and would not have been possible without the incredible support of multiple people.

We would first like to thank the City of Kelowna and Partners in Parks program, who provided funding for nearly the entire cost of the project. A special thank you as well to Melanie Steppuhn and Amy Nyhof from the Parks department, who’s assistance and support were instrumental in making the project happen.Of course, a huge thank you to everyone that came out and volunteered their time – Paul McManus, John Hofer, Jim Illingworth, Tyler Kunz, Jamie Ihaksi, Ross M. Brown, Nick Perryman, Jason Popejoy, Paul Brownfield, Gary Hawke, Oliver Parsons and Mike MacDonald. Nothing happens without the volunteer hours of club members and the efforts are immensely appreciated.

An extra acknowledgement to John Hofer and Jim Illingworth, both who put in multiple days and extra hours, and alone were responsible for a huge amount of the work completed.

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